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Delivering services

All ten of the challenging questions are relevant to the way you deliver services and can be applied to the way mainstream services or specific projects are managed on a day to day basis. The questions posed in the section on 'Planning and commissioning your programmes' are also relevant to the way you manage their delivery. 

The practitioner's toolkit, 'Community cohesion: seven steps', published by the Government in 2005, reported that where the Community Cohesion Pathfinder councils have succeeded in mainstreaming or sustaining their community cohesion projects it was because of one or more of the following factors:

  1. A strong level of buy-in from the Local Strategic Partnership
  2. Community cohesion proofing of long term planning documents
  3. Community cohesion projects integrated with existing long term programmes (e.g. community safety or urban renewal)
  4. Training and development for those delivering community cohesion messages
  5. Committed individuals recruited to lead key projects and to ensure viability
  6. Stakeholders (especially those in the voluntary and community sector) act as visible champions of projects
  7. Innovative projects generated such demand that it was easy to justify alternative funding
  8. Alternative funding or sponsorship was found outside the Pathfinder programme to continue the work