Using Crystals for Dream Work and Enhancing Intuition

Using Crystals for Dream Work and Enhancing Intuition

Dreaming can be a powerful way to receive spiritual messages. It can also help you to heal and to connect with your intuition.

Crystals are known to promote dream recall and lucid dreaming. Several different crystals work well for this purpose.

You can place your dream crystal under your pillow or near your bed as you prepare for sleep. You can also hold a crystal while meditating before sleep.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz, known as the crystal king, is one of the most powerful stones for dream work and intuition. It is an amplifying crystal that helps to focus and amplify energies, making it perfect for stimulating your third eye chakra and developing your psychic abilities. Clear Quartz also helps to open your crown chakra and provides a direct link to higher states of consciousness, facilitating access to spiritual guidance and the ability to decipher subtle messages from your spirit guides.

Some crystals are known for helping us to fall asleep and stay asleep longer, treating insomnia, enhancing dream recall or even encouraging lucid dreams (dreaming while awake). Awakening from a lucid dream allows you to gain more control over what happens in your dreams and may also help you to understand the symbols and messages that your spirit guides may be sending.

The best way to utilize crystals for dream work and intuition is to place them close to you during sleep. Ideally, these crystals will be placed under your pillow so that they are in your energy field and easily accessible as you sleep. Alternatively, they can be placed on your bedside table or at the foot of your bed.

It is also a great idea to keep a dream journal nearby so that you can record any thoughts, feelings and impressions that you have during your dreams as well as any other important details about the experience. This will allow you to track the effects of your crystals and see how they can affect your intuition over time.

You may also want to try pairing your dream stones with other crystals that have similar qualities such as Celestite, Lepidolite or Amethyst. These crystals will enhance the vibration of your dream stone, amplify its metaphysical properties and provide additional healing and protection.


Connected with the Third Eye Chakra, Fluorite is a great crystal to use to enhance your psychic abilities. It helps clear mental clutter, allowing pathways for divine connection. Fluorite is known to promote lucid dreaming and help you remember your dreams. To use it for lucid dreaming, place it next to your bed or underneath your pillow. It also encourages creativity and clear thinking. It is known to remove energy blocks and aid in brainstorming. It is helpful in removing fear and toxicity from your life, as well. It can initially heighten emotional sensitivity, but works to balance these energies over time.

This beautiful crystal comes in many colors and is a powerful cleanser for your aura. It absorbs negative energies and protects you from psychic manipulation. It is a good crystal to work with when you are new to working with the higher energies as it can teach you how to ground and integrate them into your physical body. It can be used for all of the chakras, but is particularly helpful for the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. It is also a good crystal to keep with you when dealing with emotional or mental health issues.

Like its cousin, the Emerald Calcite, Green Fluorite encourages intuitive growth and opens your mind to spiritual awareness. This is a great crystal for those who are feeling lost or empty in their lives. It has a gentle energy that fills you with confidence and strengthens your sense of knowing. It is known to support the heart chakra, helping you feel more connected with nature and with your inner truth.

Purple Fluorite works to break down negative thought patterns and old fears that simmer under the surface. It helps you face them and release their power over you. It has a calming effect on the emotions and promotes forgiveness. It works to bring a Pisces back into balance, connecting them with their inner truth and their spirituality.

Known for its healing properties, this beautiful crystal is effective against fungal infections and treats the heart, lungs, digestive system, and bones. It can also be used to treat arthritis, gout, and inflammation.

Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite is often reported to improve one’s intuition by soothing and providing nurturing energies that help you work through emotional trauma, personal challenges, and unresolved issues. It is also known to help you to develop your intuitive senses by letting you know what other people are thinking and feeling behind their words or actions, as well as allowing you to see the positive intention in others.

Blue calcite is a crystal that can be used to enhance your ability to recall and communicate your dreams, as well as to boost your intuition. It is a good choice to use in meditation, and it can also be placed under your pillow or on your desk as a reminder to recall your dreams upon awakening. It is also known to strengthen and align your Throat Chakra, so it is a great stone to pair with Aquamarine or Moldavite for dream work and universal connection.

It is also a useful crystal like Celestite Crystals to have nearby for times when you are inspired or feel like a new idea has come out of the blue. Keeping a piece of blue calcite on your desktop or in your home can aid in the arrival of spontaneous thoughts, visions, or ideas when you least expect them to, as well as helping you to trust in the idea that these are signs from the Universe.

This crystal can also be paired with Labradorite for enhanced psychic intuition and spirituality, as well as with Amethyst to clear the energy of any negative attachments that may hinder your progress. Blue calcite is also said to be good for working through karmic situations, and it helps you to connect with and understand those that have crossed your path in previous lives.

To use this crystal, hold it or place it in front of you while you are meditating or working on your psychic abilities. It is also helpful to keep in mind that all crystals need to be cleansed from time to time, and this can be done by burying them in brown rice or using a cleansing spray. Performing this ritual on a regular basis, about three or four times a year, will ensure that your stones are energetically clean and ready to be utilized again.


If you’re interested in lucid dreaming or want to enhance your intuition, Amethyst is the crystal for you. This purple crystal activates the crown chakra, promoting deep sleep and relaxation. It also helps clear negative thoughts, encouraging you to release fear and embrace inner wisdom. It is also a great crystal to use for meditation and visualization.

It is important to note that lucid dreams are typically only achieved during the rapid eye movement (REM) stage of sleeping. To maximize your chance of achieving a lucid dream, try to relax in a dark and quiet place, and make sure you are well rested before bed. Having a stone like Amethyst by your side will help support you during this process, and can aid in your dream recall once you wake up.

Amethyst is also a wonderful stone for enhancing your intuition and spiritual connection. It encourages a deeper connection to spirit, and can help you communicate with angels and spirit guides. It also promotes a higher level of awareness, allowing you to see more of the bigger picture and understand what it is that your soul needs from this lifetime.

To use Amethyst for dreaming and intuition, place it on your forehead during a meditative or visualization session. You can also hold the stone in your hand during this time, and let it absorb any energy that is causing you stress. When you are ready to return to your waking consciousness, simply take the Amethyst away from your forehead. This will help you to better remember your dreams and to understand the meaning of their messages. If you are having difficulty connecting with your intuition, try placing a piece of Amethyst in your home to help connect you to your inner wisdom.

Intuition is a powerful gift, and is something that everyone is born with to some extent. Developing your intuition can help you to trust your gut instinct, and make decisions that are in line with your highest good. Whether you are looking to boost your intuition for business, personal relationships, or just to be able to tap into that inner guidance more often, these 25 crystals can help you along your journey.

Blanca Stoker